The Beginning: A Very Good Place to Start

11 Apr

Hello there. My name is Jenn and (obviously) this is my blog. I am hoping this can be a way to chronicle the happenings in my life, so that one day I can look back and maybe remember bits and pieces of it. But mostly, I need to find an excuse to write again. I am by no means a great writer, but I certainly enjoy it. I no longer have the need to write angst-ridden poetry like my teenage self did and when I shed that pastime, I sort of forgot to pick another one up in its place.

So, basically I just want to write again. About anything and everything. My expectations are low. I assume I’ll be rusty, at best. But whatever. It is what it is.

I’ll probably write about my marriage, my job, and my hopes for the future. There will probably be posts about clothes and shoes. And fears and dreams. Basically, a little bit of whatever I feel like.


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