Battle of the Bulge

12 Apr

Alright…so there’s not a TERRIBLE amount of bulge. But there is just enough that I feel like I MUST do something about it. So I started a weight loss challenge with my co-workers. Basically, everyone purchased a $10 buy-in into the challenge and the person who loses the largest percentage of weight wins $130, since 13 people are participating.

Things started off really well. I was the biggest loser the first week with a grand total of 4 pounds lost. And then, well, things just plateaued. Sure, I have been averaging about a half a pound per week since then, but those aren’t exactly the results I was expecting. I have been eating sooooo well. And exercising soooooo much. I run 3 miles at the gym 3-4 times a week. I play tennis. Go for long walks with the Mister. And (most excitingly) I just back into bellydancing…more on that another day. And yet I barely lose anything.

Sure, there are other benefits. I feel fantastic. I have more energy, my anxiety levels are unbelievably low, and I just feel happier. But, DAMN IT, I want to see the numbers on the scale drop!

There are still 5 weeks left in the competition and I am going full force. I might not be the winner, in the end, but it’s not about winning anymore. It’s about losing. Weight, that is.

They say that the last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose. So I’ll chalk it up to that. I only have about 6 more pounds to go, but I have dug my heels into the ground and I will not go down lightly. Scratch that, I will go down. Hopefully by 6 more pounds.


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