So Little Time…

26 Apr

I feel like I have so much to do this week and so little time to accomplish it all. Obviously, I have to work everyday this week. Well, everyday except Thursday because it’s the day after my birthday. I’m turning 27 on Wednesday, so I am already claiming Thursday as a hangover day.

Monday: Well, it’s pretty much over, but since I got off work I have already eaten dinner, went grocery shopping, and went to the gym. I still have to shower and hopefully find some time to catch up on my shows from last night. Alas, the Mister is still watching the Caps game and bedtime is in less than two hours. Probably not going to happen.

Tuesday: work…gym…make/eat dinner…birthday outfit shopping…work on fancy hat for Kentucky Derby party (more on that later)

Wednesday a.k.a. MY BIRTHDAY!: work…hopefully sneak out for a midday haircut…dinner and happy hour at Annabel Lee

Thursday: no work!…clean the house…massive amounts of laundry…gym…so much for that post-birthday hangover day

Friday: work…gym…pick up my niece…out to dinner…pass out from exhaustion

Saturday: gym…step-father’s birthday party…Kentucky Derby Party…crawl into bed most likely entirely too late and entirely too intoxicated

Sunday: please God let this be a day of rest (oh yeah, and go to the gym)

I both love and despise weeks like this. I love to be busy and I get a lot of satisfaction from accomplishing so much. But, I also need some recharge time somewhere. I suppose that’s what Sundays are for. Even though, truthfully, I will probably try to squeeze an hour of tennis on this day.

I am also aiming to do both a birthday post and a Kentucky Derby Party post, so there’s also that.

Alright, alright. Enough complaining. I’m going to pour a glass of wine and take a hot bath. Maybe read a book. That sounds about right to me!


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