Kentucky Derby

4 May

First and foremost…I WON! $90. I bet on Super Saver AND Ice Box; therefore, I came in first AND second. I was pretty damn proud of myself. Truth be told: we drew horse names out of a hat, so it was really luck of the draw. But I’ll take luck in any way, shape, or form that I can get it. Had we not drew horse names out of a hat, I had planned on betting on Super Saver anyway. My supreme research skills (a la Google) told me he was favored to win.

The party was positively smashing, dah-ling (to be pronounced in the WASPiest voice you can muster). The food was delicious. I love me some caprese skewers…mmmm, salad on a stick…and I think there is a good chance that I ate far more than my fair share, but no one else seemed to mind.

My husband look so preppy highfalutin’ handsome! Here is a picture of him and his brother:

Yes, I understand that the picture could never possible capture how handsome he looked. And that might have something to do with the expression on his face, but it’s the only one I have. I really wish we had gotten one of us together. There’s always next year, I suppose.

Here is a picture of me and all my fabulous lady friends who were also in attendance. FYI: I’m the one on the far right:

Now onto the hats!

Kate, my soon-to-be sister-in-law and the hostess was not allowed to win the competition, but she wore a lovely hat nonetheless (far left). Kasey (in green) didn’t really participate and apparently didn’t get the MEMO about wearing black and pink. Then there is Jackie was the winner, although I have to say it mostly because I was the tie breaker vote and couldn’t very well vote for myself. Not saying that I should have won. Or maybe I am….

Here are some closer pictures of my hat:

I had a bird on my hat, for goodness sake. And a sparkly bird at that!

Oh well, you can’t win them all.


One Response to “Kentucky Derby”

  1. Kristin May 18, 2010 at 11:45 am #

    You all look just gorgeous! I’m dying to go one year. My bloggy partner posted pics of her Derby trip and it looks SO fun!

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