Dining Room Makeover

27 Oct

So, as I was saying in the previous post, we have been QUITE busy over the past few months! We absolutely loved our house as-is when we first moved in. But we really wanted to make it more…us. The Mister and I don’t agree on much, but our design aesthetic is very similar. We both really have a taste for the more modern side of things while still maintaining a comfy, lived in kind of feeling. One of the rooms we changed most drastically was our dining room. Here it is before:

Granted, this isn’t the best picture, but you get the idea. Tan on the top. Tan on the bottom. Grecian-esque columns on either side and a medusa-looking light fixture. All of these things we well and good, but they just weren’t…us.

The first thing we tried was new paint colors. We started with a turquoise blue and well, it still just wasn’t right. So, we tried more of a teal color. STILL wasn’t quite right. Finally, tried a warm medium gray and it was PERFECT. Here is a picture of about midway through the transformation:

This is the terrible teal color. See what I mean? Notice, also, the dining room table. It has been handed down about three times. My mother purchased it used and gave it to us when she upgraded. It has a brown finish on top and hunter green legs. Unpictured are the 4 mismatched chairs that make up the “set.” Two of them were a blonde wood color and 2 of the were the same hunter green.

So, all in all, we:

  • Painted under the chair rail turquoise, teal, and then finally gray.
  • Painted above the chair rail a creamy white color.
  • Changed the light fixture…more on that at the bottom of this post…
  • Took out the columns (they were not load bearing).
  • Refinished the dining room table in a dark gray/black color (I really wish I had taken pictures of this process).
  • Refinished the chairs in the same color.

It might not sound like much, but it was A LOT of work!

Here is the picture as the room currently stands:

We already purchased this table runner, which helps bring in the orange that is the accent color in our adjacent living room.

And we have still yet to put anything on the walls. I really want this extra-large mirror from Ikea, but I would paint the outside trim black and turn it horizontally on the back wall.

We also want some great artwork on the other wall.  We’ll most like make it ourselves, so I’ll be sure to share that just as soon as we get around to making it.

Now for the pièce de résistance….I have found the PERFECT light fixture! Check it; I designed it myself!:

I started this post feeling like our dining room was the most together room in the house. Apparently that isn’t so…still SO MUCH to do! It feels like it will never be finished, but at least it’s all fun stuff. Next up will be our living room, so stay tuned….


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