On unforseen possibilities.

23 Feb

Currently, I am 5 days into the two-week-wait. Also known as the longest two weeks in the life of a woman who is TTC. Unlike last time, I really don’t have any expectations. I don’t feel pregnant. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. March 3rd can’t come fast enough.

On another note, we have a potential “issue.” I just found out this afternoon that another of my good friends is pregnant. She is about 5 weeks along and absolutely over the moon. Obviously. I was telling my husband this good news over dinner tonight and then I was telling him how much I, too, want to be pregnant. Then I went into my usual rant regarding my fears of infertility. My fear that there is something wrong with my body that would make conception impossible. This is a relatively normal fear, or so I am told….

Something you have to understand about my and my husband’s relationship is that we really like to tease each other. So, at this point I said to him something along the lines of, “Or maybe you’re the problem.” He joked back something to effect of, “Maybe that vericocele is gumming up the works.”

Suddenly, the teasing stopped. Vericocele??? (If you want to read more about what that is, feel free to click here.)

About two or three years ago, Mr. T found a lump/bump in one of his testicles. He went to the doctor only to have the doctor diagnose it as a harmless vericocele which required no treatment. It doesn’t bother him at all; it’s just there. At no time, did the doctor give Mr. T the impression that it would or could affect his fertility. But, we weren’t TTC to conceive at the time. In fact, we were actively trying not to conceive.

Fast forward to tonight when that diagnosis set off a red flag in my mind. My first thought was turn to Dr. Google. It wasn’t good. Apparently, vericocele is the leading cause of male infertility. It can lead to sperm that are immature, damaged, have abnormal motility, are dying, or dead. Where male infertility is concerned, it is the cause in 40% of cases. There is a surgery that can correct the problem and after the problem is corrected, about 50% of men go on to make viable babies. Or at least that’s what I read first. I also read that the problem is entirely correctable and as long as there are no other fertility issues, conception should not be an issue. Damn Dr. Google and his inconsistent diagnoses.

We did our research and found a urologist in our area that has very high ratings. We will be making an appointment first thing in the morning. Maybe it’s nothing. I hope it’s nothing. We could just wait until this two-week-wait is over and see what happens, but we figured it would be better to get on the ball now. Pun intended….One should attempt to have a sense of humor in these situations. No?


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