I Suck At Coming Up With Titles

9 Jun

I’ve heard of people who compare anxiety to hurricanes, tornadoes, dying, going crazy, and so many other kinds of disasters.

That might be how I experience an actual panic attack but, for me, I experience anxiety like a craving. You know that feeling when you want something, but you can’t quite put your finger on what that something is? That feeling that if you could just taste that something then you know you would be fully satisfied?

That’s anxiety for me. Constantly waiting. Wishing and waiting to satisfy that craving. Feeling like there is something waiting for me to find it. I’ve spent YEARS searching to quell that yearning, but nothing ever seems to hit the spot.

I think that this “craving” might be the one thing that keeps me going day after day, year after year. The craving feels like hope. The feeling that as long as I continue to want something more, something I have yet to find, then I have the strength to keep struggling.



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