Old Habits Die Hard

15 Nov

I just can’t seem to keep myself for looking for signs and symptoms during this 2ww…

Today I woke up with a cold sore. I’ve gotten them sporadically since I was a young girl, but they are almost always accompanied by a fever. In fact, I haven’t had one in three years until I got one back in July. You know, the same month that I got a positive pregnancy test. I did a little research (googleing) and found that cold sores can definitely be an early pregnancy symptom since they usually show up when the immune symptom is compromised. And I am not sick otherwise. So…conincedence? Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I have no idea how many DPO I am since I threw out my BBT thermometer and my fertility apps. I am pretty sure AF is due on or around Thanksgiving so a little over a week until we find out for sure. Fingers crossed, ladies! Please and thank you.

{On another note, I am really going to try posting more often. This means that my blog fodder can’t be composed entirely of our TTC journey. I think this will be another good way to pull myself out of this TTC fog that I have been lost in for months. I’ll be back later with a craft that I made recently.}


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