My husband (who reads my blog) informed me that he was very confused by all of the acronyms that I use. So, here’s a cheat sheet. Let me know if I left anything off that I should add to the list. Thanks!

TTC: trying to conceive

BBT: basal body temperature or basal body thermometer

BD: baby dance, baby making sex

BFN: big fat negative

BFP: big fat positive

O: ovulation

AF: aunt flow, period, menstruation

RE: reproductive endocrinologist

2WW: two week wait (the time between ovulating and menstruation)

HPT: home pregnancy test

OPK: ovulation predictor kit

Babydust: good luck getting prgnant

BMS: baby making sex

CD: cycle day

CM: cervical mucus

DPO: days past ovulation

IF: infertility

POAS: pee on a stick





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